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Why Squeeze Report?

Our Story

We have created a proprietary stock trading predictive short and long algorithm that identifies potential gains.

This system will help novice traders to seasoned pros by providing a firsthand analysis on stocks that have the greatest potential for gains.

Our software provides alerts for the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC. This is the most comprehensive service and tool for traders looking for instant alerts that our system has identified as the most lucrative stock opportunities.

Our algorithm does all the work for you! This system will save you time and money by signing up for our daily alerts.

The Squeeze Report is NOT compensated from any companies nor any third parties.

Squeeze Report Alerts

By signing up for our premium member service, you will have the utmost advantage by receiving an email each trading day with the selected stock alerts for the day. Let our algorithm do the work for you starting today!

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Proven Results

Check out our top gainers to see our proven results. As you can see from our testimonials, our clients are doing a lot less research and putting their trust in our system.

They have made informed stock decisions and large profits! Sign up today and win with us!


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Our Services

Short Data

We provide you with valuable short data for any stock symbol. The data is gathered directly from FINRA.

Short Data

Short Analysis

We provide you with valuable short information from our proprietary predictive short and long algorithm.

Short Probability

We provide you with valuable short probability information from our proprietary predictive short and long algorithm.