Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am already a basic member of Squeeze Report and find the site very helpful, why should I sign up for a premium membership?

    Paying for the premium membership gives you many advantages that a basic membership does not. By being a premium member, we essentially do all the work for you by narrowing down the thousands of stocks to choose from and provide you an average of 5 - 10 stock alerts per trading day. Leave the research and data analysis to us! You will receive daily stock alerts that our algorithm has identified as having the greatest potential for an increase and hopefully, turning a highly profitable return on your investment. Please review additional advantages of a premium membership under the "Sign up Now" page.

  • There are numerous stock trading resources and websites available, how is Squeeze Report different from other stock trading tools?

    First, our system is completely unbiased. We do NOT accept any payments from third party companies, businesses, or stock promoters for our alerts. Our system has the reputation of being, "user friendly," and gives our members the upper hand when trying to compete in today’s technology savvy market. We believe our technology competes with the best stock trading software that professional traders have used on a daily basis. Many other websites and stock promotional material offer stock alerts, however, 99% percent of them are sending stock alerts in which the website is getting compensated to provide to you. You in turn are receiving paid advertisements by stock promoters that may or may not have your best interests. We charge a minor monthly membership fee because we are never compensated by any of the companies that we provide you alerts on. We feel Squeeze Report provides the most powerful and up-to date alerts that are even better than advanced systems used by the pros on Wall Street. We pride ourseves on our reputation that depends on the information we provide to our loyal members!

  • How does this algorithm pick the best alerts?

    Our leading technology and proprietary software was designed by top professionals in the industry. It sorts through over 28,000 stocks each day to find patterns with the greatest potential gains for our members. This method calculates trends amongst stocks that have been shorted and finds the repeated trends in which the shorts are covered, thus creating a large potential gain for investors.

  • If I sign up for a premium membership, is there a contract I need to sign? How easy is it to cancel if I am not going to be using the service for a while?

    Although we see the value in signing up to become a premium member, we understand customers may need to cancel their account at any given time. Our goal is NOT to stick consumers in long-term contracts. Our service is charged on a monthly basis, however, customers can cancel at any time. You may cancel through your PayPal account before your next billing date and your account will not continue to be charged.

  • Is there a discount if I pay annually?

    Yes! If a costumer decides to pay for an annual premium membership upon check-out, there will be a 20% discount. This will save customers $191.88 per year.

  • Why are the daily Squeeze Report Alerts crucial to sign up for?

    You will ONLY get daily alerts with our premium membership service. Thousands of stocks are sorted and analyzed on a daily basis. Even the most experienced stock trader can't analyze the vast amount of stock data in a short amount of time. Squeeze Report Alerts are directly emailed to premium members the evening prior to the following trading day. Only the premium members get the stock alerts. This is the utmost advantage because you receive the valuable alerts before the market opens.

  • I am a Premium Member and receive the daily Squeeze Report stock alerts. I purchased one of the recommended stocks through my e-trade account. How will I know when to sell it?

    Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on when to sell a stock. A financial adviser may give you more personal advice and direction on the optimal timing for buying and selling securities.

  • I am a premium member and would like to know when and how I receive the Alerts.

    The OTC, NASDAQ, and NYSE Alerts are available after 6pm PST. As a premium member an email is sent to you between 6pm and 7pm PST Sunday through Thursday.

  • I did not receive any email about the alerts, what should I do?

    Check your spam folder, we have many members who use domains like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. that do not like to receive so many emails at one time and often mark them as spam. The email providers advise the best course of action is to add our email address as a contact.